Outdoor Banners
06/25/2017 15:18:29
Outdoor Banners

Outdoor Banners / Billboards

Get your marketing message noticed in a "Big" way.

Capture the attention of everyone quickly and easily with our Ultra High Resolution Outdoor Banners.  We offer many substrates and sizes to choose from.  Our weather-resistant banners can be 1 or 2 sided, hemmed, and with or without grommets. These are great for Billboards, Sports Team Banners, Car Dealership Banners, and more.  We have banners for every application.

Quantities: 1-100. Please contact us for larger quantities.

Sizes Offered: 1' x 2' up to 8' x 8' and everything in between

Substrates Available

13 oz. Vinyl Banner - Matte - 13 oz. Banner is also lightweight and strong. The topcoat is formulated to achieve consistent image quality and an optimum color reproduction.  The quality rating on this "Better"

Product Options

Hemming - Hemming is available on top and bottom only or on all 4 sides.

Grommets - All 4 corners.

Pole Pockets - 

4 in. Top and bottom
2 in. Top and bottom
4 in. Left and Right
2 in. Left and Right

  • Save Files - Save your art files in our system for easy re-order of common print pieces ordered frequently, saves time and adds accessibility of files for re-orders from any computer.

Production Features

  • Turnaround Time - Standard 2-4 days or Express Next Day Service.
  • Proofing Options - Choose a PDF online proof or, if you're 100% confident in your existing art files being "Print Ready," you can select "No Proof - Proceed As Is" for quicker production turnaround time. 

Suggested Support Products 

  • Indoor Banners - Are you looking for an indoor banner solution? We offer Ultra High Resolution Indoor Banners perfect for Trade Show Booths, POP Displays, Retractable Banner Stands and more. Our Indoor Banners utilize Block-out Technology, a non-transparent center layer, highly effective at blocking light from shining through the material, ideal for double-sided printing.

File Setup Instructions – Large Banners
Please review the instructions below for setting up your Large Banner and Sign files for print.
Color Format
All files must be submitted in CMYK format. Any file not submitted in CMYK format may cause a color shift when processed. We will not be held responsible for any color shifts that occur in conversions from RGB to CMYK or PMS (Pantone Colors) to CMYK color modes.
The minimum recommended resolution for Large Banners and Signs (10 feet and under) is 200ppi to 300ppi. For Banners and Signs over 10 feet, we require a minimum of 300ppi. All files must have a 1/2" bleed on each edge and include 1.5" of safety margin for all critical text. Depending on finishing options, additional bleed area may be necessary. Please see Hemming & Pole Pockets below.
Hems can be added to any edge for addition durability and strength. They are especially effective when used in combination with reinforced grommets. Jobs that use hemming for finishing require 1” on all 4 sides.
If you elect reinforced grommets for your banner or sign, please consider their placements when creating your design. The grommets will be placed approximately 1.5" within the Live Area on each corner, center, and where needed. Make sure you do not have any crucial text or graphics in areas where the grommets could interfere.
Pole Pockets
Pole pockets allow you to insert poles along the edges of the banner for support. Please be sure to have the correct amount of bleed added to the edge(s) chosen for the pole pocket(s). Our 4” pole pocket requires a 4” bleed and our 2” pole pocket requires a 2” bleed.

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Outdoor Banners 4/0 1ft x 2ft 13 oz. Vinyl Banner - Matte

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